5 good reasons to invest in public Wi-Fi

invest in public Wi-Fi

If you are a company owner and want to grow your business in a simple and cost-effective way, you should consider investing in public Wi-Fi. 

Here we provide the main reasons why it is smart to leverage public Wi-Fi for your business. You should invest in public Wi-Fi if you want to:


1. Improve customer satisfaction

Wi-Fi is a powerful tool that allows hotspots owners to attract and engage users, so as to make them come back to their location. Public venues, such as restaurants, bar and cafes, can boost their revenues by offering free Wi-Fi connection to people: indeed, there are more chances that users will purchase their services while enjoying their free Wi-Fi hotspot. Both you and your customers will be satisfied.


2. Effectively advertise your brand

Thanks to public Wi-Fi, owners of public locations such as retail shops and shopping malls can generate more money by boosting the visibility of their products and services in a simple way: they can promote their brand on the authentication page that Wi-Fi users see before accessing their hotspot. For instance, by using Telsense, owners of public locations can add videos or banners, and customize their splash page with discounts and special offers to incentivize customers to purchase their products.


3. Easily collect and analyze user data

You can smartly leverage public Wi-Fi to capture Wi-Fi users’ data and analyze them in relation to your business strategies. When authenticating to your hotspot through your splash page, users provide relevant information such as email addresses, phone numbers, gender, age, location, etc., which help you better understanding your customers’ needs. For instance, if you offer free Wi-Fi in a shopping mall you can use data to better monitor people visiting your shops, so as to identify the areas that need a better coverage and the target segments of major interests. Tracking customers’ behaviors through Wi-Fi helps you identifying new winning selling strategies in a short time. The user-friendly Telsense Dashboard enables you to collect and analyze valuable user data and insights, so as to get the most out of it in a simple and fast way.


4. Boost your social visibility

Any public venue, such as hotels, restaurants, retail stores etc., can largely benefit from social Wi-Fi to increase their social media engagement in a quick way. For instance, you can allow Wi-Fi users to access your hotspot through Facebook with one click, instead of relying on more time-consuming password-based login methods. Customers can like your Facebook page, which increases your online visibility, or do a Check-in sharing their positions on their Facebook profiles: Check-ins help you reaching potential customers, as your Wi-Fi users’ friends are notified about it and can in turn access your information.

The responsive splash page of Telsense makes the login process very intuitive and, thanks to its social login, users can connect to your Wi-Fi network using their social networks’ accounts, i.e. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


5. Reduce costs

Public Wi-Fi is a cost-effective opportunity to boost your revenue streams. Firstly, you can leverage the amount of data collected from customers’ registrations and logins to increase the number of users in your database in a short time: in doing so, you will quickly generate qualified leads. In addition, public Wi-Fi is a powerful tool for advertising, as by integrating your public Wi-Fi hotspot in your marketing mix you can easily run real-time marketing and loyalty campaigns at low costs.


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