5 main advantages of in-store Wi-Fi for retailers

If you want to increase your business by acquiring more customers in your shop and engage them effectively, you should rely on in-store Wi-Fi. In this post, we discuss the 5 main benefits of in-store Wi-Fi deployments for the retail industry.

Nowadays, the success of shops, department stores and shopping malls revolves around meeting the increasingly demanding customer needs. Accordingly, a good strategy to acquire customers and increase in-store engagement to retain them is mandatory. The best way to do so is by adopting a Wi-Fi solution in your shop. Let’s see the 5 main advantages of in-store Wi-Fi for retailers.


1. Better market segmentation

Wi-Fi is a valuable resource for shops to collect customer data easily. Indeed, when users authenticate to a network, they are required to provide personal information, such as name, email or phone numbers, age, gender, etc. In this way, customers are no longer unknown, and network admins of shops and stores can use data gathered through Wi-Fi logins to identify and segment their customers accordingly. On the captive portal, you can create personalized login pages choosing among a variety of user authentication methods: login through email addresses or phone number, authentication through a personal code (for example, the fidelity card code) or SMS and social login.


2. Enhanced customer experience

In-store Wi-Fi allows you to offer a personalised experience to your customers. Indeed, through Wi-Fi, you can capture and analyse customer data to better know and serve your store’s visitors. Telsense features an Analytics Dashboard where you can analyse all user data collected through your Wi-Fi network. For instance, you see the number of people who visited your shop last week, month or during a selected period, how many times they came back, their demographic information, the number of receipts of a specific day, etc. In this way, you can easily detect people’s shopping trends and base your offering on that: if you see that during the weekends families are the main shoppers, you can focus your sales strategy on children collections. At the same time, if you notice a significant trend of female shoppers during certain hours, you can decide to target them with tailored discounts on female items of clothing.


3. Improved brand and product promotion

You can leverage the customizable login page provided by Telsense to further advertise your brand and products and target your customers in a personalized way: for instance, you can add discount coupons for new customers to use on their next visit, as a way to incentivize them to come back to your location. At the same time, you can give suggestions about specific items to those customers who, on average, usually stay more than 10 minutes in your shop. In doing so, customers will feel more engaged and will be more keen to buy your products. Also, by simply adding a html widget on your login page, you can improve your ranking on platforms such as Yelp. Last but not least, you can consider adding a connection with your ecommerce store, so as to further promote your business: firstly, you can add it in the walled garden and then link it from your login page.


login page - shop


4. Improved customer loyalty

Not only in-store Wi-Fi helps you to target your visitors better, but it is also a useful marketing tool to retain them effectively. With Telsense, you can export the list of your Wi-Fi users to any CRM and marketing platform, such as MailChimp, and divide them among new and returning customers. In doing so, you can create real-time triggered marketing campaigns, by sending personalized emails to promote your new collections and products, or send an SMS to incentivize new customers to join your loyalty program. In addition, in order to improve your customer loyalty you can rely on the “Remember me” feature enabled by Telsense, thanks to which customers connect automatically every time they come back to your shop: indeed, after the first authentication to the Wi-Fi network, users are remembered for a certain amount of time and are welcomed back on their next logins.


5. Increased social visibility

An effective way to attract customers and enhance your brand awareness is to leverage social media. Among the user authentication processes enabled by Telsense, social login is the most suitable to increase social visibility and online engagement in a fast way. Through social login, customers access your network using their social account, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Thanks to this authentication method, you can ask users to like your Facebook page or to share their positions through a Facebook Check-in: in this way, more people will hear about your store. 


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