Why get telsense business wireless?


    The Telsense Broadband network has very low latency, giving you a superior web experience.


    Upload and download speeds are equal with TTG Fibre, which means no more waiting for large file uploads to complete.


    Up your connection speed with the click of a mouse button. No long waiting periods for service upgrades


    Static IP Addresses are provided for easier and more reliable network accessibility.

  • 1800 HIGHSITES

    Large Network Presence with over 1800 high-site locations and carrier partners.


    We keep your installation costs low with a 24 Month Contract. No huge hardware outlay.


Regular price R 2,499.00 per month

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by best-effort Internet connectivity?

Think of the way cars slow down on a congested highway. It’s the same when there’s a large volume of data traffic on your network – it might slow down. Best effort means it will work as well as it can under the circumstances i.e. the number of users on the network at any one time.

What is the fair usage policy?

Please see the table below. FUPs are based on the selected line speed.

5Mbps >> 750GB >> 2.5Mbps
10Mbps >> 1500GB >> 5Mbps
15Mbps >> 2250GB >> 7.5Mbps
20Mbps >> 3000GB >> 10Mbps
30Mbps >> 4500GB >> 15Mbps
50Mbps >> 7500GB >> 25Mbps
100Mbps >> 15000GB >> 50Mbps
200Mbps >> 30000GB >> 100Mbps

What is the contention ratio?

The contention ratio for Wireless is 10:1. This means that up to 10 broadband customers are sharing the same bandwidth at any one time. 

What is the cancellation policy?

We require one calendar months notice for a cancellation.

Should you choose to cancel your Wireless Service prior to the end of the contract, you will be invoiced for the remainder of the contract.

How can we help?

Visit our knowledge base for answers to the questions you may have, but help is only a phone call away if you need it.

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